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Mental Health Services

The therapists at Abella Psychotherapy and Ascend Family Marriage and Family are here to support and guide patients using a variety of complementary techniques. 


Functional Medicine

Dr. Katherine Kubovy will listen, test, and research to get to the core of her patients' health issues instead of treating superficial symptoms. 


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic services include Diversified, Cox Flexion-Distraction, Thompson, Activator Methods, Active Release, IASTM, DNS, and Webster techniques. A variety of modalities including intersegmental traction, E-stim, ultrasound, and cold laser are available to augment patient care. 


Meet our Providers

DK Barr

From the first moment I met her I knew she understood me. She is compassionate, caring, kind, intuitive and very knowledgeable. I’m feeling better and getting my old self back, which I never thought was possible. Thank you Dr. Kubovy and everyone else at Olathe Integrative Healthcare!!

Shannon K.

The collaborative care that Dr. Abella and Dr. Kubovy are able to provide together is beyond anything I've ever experienced. I've felt so supported knowing that they're communicating and considering a holistic approach that fits my needs, rather than operating in their own silos.  

Michelle S.

Like a detective she sat down and really listened to me in a way no doctor ever had before.  She dug deep into my current and past medical history and ran comprehensive medical tests that no one else had thought to run previously.  She was able to give me what I had been desperately searching for - answers.
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